' If compassion does not include yourself

it is incomplete'


SELF CARE connects to your INNER PEACE 

and is the key to your HAPPINESS...

Reiki Rei-treat

Reiki is an ancient treatment that that is gentle yet immensely powerful. By working on all levels be it physically, emotionally or mentally this correlation enables a healing effect that manifests a ripples resulting in profound wellness.

What gives this treatment the edge is by also using the intuitive craft of dowsing, where in depth truths can be uncovered indicating what is causing the individual person's wellbeing to deteriorate resulting in them feeling out of balance.

Full Reiki Treatment 

with Dowsing

(2 - 2 and half hours) Price £65

Inner Beauty Bath

Inner beauty made visible!

Using the widely respected and holistically driven TROPIC SKINCARE range, this truly unique facial automatically gives you the choice of incorporating extra healing while enjoying this beautiful indulgence for the face..

Choose one of three facials:


Incorporates Indian Head Massage.


Arms, Hands and Feet.


Using Reiki and crystals.

Mind Body or Spirit Facial

(60 mins) 

Price £55

Sole Surfer

Reflexology works on the principle 'Take care of your feet and the rest will take care of itself' which understands the foundation of how clearing the meridian pathways can result in optimum health and wellbeing. As all the major meridians are located on the feet and through relaxing massage, acupressure and therapeutic techniques, stagnant energy blocks can be removed and balance restored. Now considered a mainstream therapy, Reflexology has been proven to aid healing within the body.

Full Reflexology (60mins)

Price £45

With Reiki (90mins) Price £55

Rock Water

Massage using Hot Stones or Crystals is the ultimate in deep body work that relieves tense and tired muscles and brings warmth and comfort to the body. Hot Crystals or Volcanic Stones can be used to amplify the healing benefit of the massage and is especially effective during the winter months if suffering from the 'blues'. For uplifting the mind, body and spirit, a personal Aromatherapy blend  intensifies the experience and subtly works on all levels of a person's being.

Hot Stone/Crystal Back Massage (60 mins) 

 Price £55

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'I honestly cannot rate Tara highly enough.

She creates a warm, calming haven for total relaxation. 

An absolute treat for the body and soul'

Emma C, Solicitor