I will not worry     I will not anger      I will do my work honestly      

I will be grateful for my many blessings      

I will be kind to every living thing



What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle yet powerful healing technique that can benefit and be utilised by everyone. As we are essentially 'energy' we can use this approach to enhance our wellbeing and in turn cascade this positive energy to the world around us. There are no limits to the benefits of Reiki; ultimately this sacred knowledge can only work for 'the highest will and good'. Our Certified Reiki Courses teaches about this widely used healing tool and encourages students to learn about their huge capacity to heal themselves and to facilitate healing in others. This course is fundamental in blossoming more calmness, positivity and wellbeing, and if students choose to, they can become Practitioners themselves. A truly wonderful journey lies ahead!



This course is a beautiful introduction to Reiki that will enable you to give Reiki to yourself, friends and family. You will receive a sacred Reiki energy attunement which will enable you to being a clearer channel to allow healing and insights to come through more clearly. This course is an window to our capabilities as a healer to bloom within us and naturally rippling out into the world. Learning Reiki Level One is ultimately a gracious gift to ourselves.


Following your beautiful journey of the Reiki Level One Course, you can choose to go to the next level and become a certified Reiki Practitioner. This would allow you to work with the general public,  treat animals, obtain insurance and run a practice if you so wish. The diverse possibilities are endless. You will also receive the sacred Reiki energy attunement to bring you to Practitioner level. The gentle ripple effect changes lives profoundly.


Becoming qualified to Master/Practitioner level is  a fine -tuning of your healing skills as a Practitioner and raising your awareness and resonance to the healing knowledge and tools available to you; then implementing them to the fullest capacity. It is imperative that you remain 'true' to your individual approach to Reiki which results in a partnership filled with integrity. Again,  you will receive a sacred Reiki attunement.


RELAX TEENS REIKI is a fun, informal and friendly course that not only recognises the challenges of this specific time in life, it empowers and provides stress reducing tools for encouraging self-healing and care. This unique course provides inner resourcefulness and effortlessly enables individuals to embrace the next chapter of their lives with more positivity and fulfilment.

Especially suited to sensitive teens searching for direction in nurturing and understanding their mind, body and soul, Reiki is a gentle yet powerful therapy that is ideal to support them with practical skills, ancient knowledge and safety in its universal healing technique. An absolute must for attaining inner peace and a love for life.


REIKI ELDERS is a much needed, enriching certified course that creates a ripple effect of profound clarity, fulfilment and happiness. Connecting with like minded souls in a light hearted way, the insights revealed aim to instil healing knowledge and techniques that aid wellbeing and harmony, not just with participants but with those around them in general.  If they then so choose they can explore the possibility of eventually becoming a Reiki Practitioner, being able to work and help others resulting in a new direction with an exciting focus in life.  This 'rite of passage' embraces a holistic approach and celebrates the wisdom and life experience that resides in anyone over the vibrant age of 50. 

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'I found Tara's teaching to be gentle, nurturing and informative. I have seen students blossom under her guidance...'

Sue Burtenshaw, Reiki Master The Littlehampton School of Reiki