'Without the mud, the lotus cannot bloom'

Thich Naht Hanh

Tara was born in Swansea and her interest in healing started at 18 when she read the book 'You can Heal your Life' by Louise Hay of which a life long quest began.

Following complete lifestyle burn out in her late twenties, she decided to revisit the Bahamas (where she had lived as a child) for a week's retreat to rekindle what she felt she had lost within and swim with wild dolphins.

The retreat was life-changing, and then following a year's travelling with her ever supportive husband Phil, she returned to undertake a holistic two year full time course at Northbrook College, resulting in her being awarded 'Student of the Year'. 

She was blessed with her daughter Robynn shortly after and started offering treatments to her friends and family and facilitating Reiki courses in 2004.

This is where she met her closest 'spiritual' friend Sue, a fellow Reiki Master of which they have maintained a strong bond ever since. Over the years, they have facilitated many workshops, reiki refreshers and wellbeing evenings benefitting many like-minded souls in the local area.

Tara has her established holistic therapy practice in Worthing and feels blessed to have been able to provide the platform for people to rekindle and maintain their connection with their truest selves, while functioning and ultimately thriving in the modern world.

She adores the sea and if she could choose her 'perfect day' it would be bodyboarding in the Gower Peninsula with her best pal Chaz and daughter Robynn.

Tara will always feel immense gratitude for  holding the space for people to manifest the innate power of reconnecting with their truest essence. She is also humbled by all the love and support she has received from her husband Phil, Robynn, Dan and Charlotte, her family, all her dearest closest buddies and the following people who touched her spiritual life profoundly:

Audrey Stevenson, the Team at Wildquest, Sophie Spearman, Sue Burtenshaw and Maggie Gudmundsson.. 

Thank you for everything xxx