'You are not a drop in the ocean 

You are the ocean in a drop'


With a happy heart I welcome you t


Like many of us, I have devoted my life to searching and understanding the dynamics of healing, with the aim of cascading these timeless universal truths into our modern world.

My greatest wish is that you will find them nurturing and restorative...

Light and Blessings always


Learn Reiki and Dowsing

Learning Reiki is a life skill that can aid profound heali​ng, inner peace and equilibrium.

We offer Varied certified courses from Beginners to Practitioner level

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Bespoke Holistics  

Utilising a wide range of bespoke holistic treatments to create a unique 


tailored for you to rebalance your mind, body and spirit.

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Wellbeing Maintenance

You are amazing!

 Keep your soul strong we facilitate friendly, local organic holistic Events, Workshops and Retreats to inspire you to live your best life. 

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'I absolutely love going to Tara for Reiki treatments. She helped heal my sprained ankle and relaxes my tense shoulders and I always leave feeling 

10 times lighter...Thank you Tara'

Kathryn Sampson, Worthing Homeopathy